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10 Tips to Raise Your Visibility at Work

Now more than ever, it’s important to be visible in your organisation. In today’s highly competitive world, being good at your job is not enough to get you the promotion and growth in your career you need and deserve. If senior management and decision-makers are not aware of what exactly you bring to the table, then you could be passed up for promotions, raises, and special opportunities. At this time when organisations are looking to lay off people, your value should be unmistakable to the stakeholders involved, if you’ve been doing this right.

Here are some strategies you can implement to make yourself more visible at work:

  1. Take initiative: Taking on projects that have been pending for a while and need to be done, or completing a project that has been on your boss’ to-do list is a sure way to become visible at work.  
  1. Speak up in meetings:  Meetings are a great opportunity for you to share your ideas and demonstrate your knowledge to your teammates and superiors. If you think you have nothing to say or are not well equipped to make comments, then read the agenda of the meeting beforehand and prepare questions to ask at the meeting. Preparation gives you much-needed confidence. 

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