Energy Management

finding and maintaining high performance



Ever had a great day for which you were at your best at work and nothing went wrong?

How many of those days have you had and how can you make having those days more common?

Most of us are able to perform at our peaks for short periods of time, but some of us do it all year round.

Join us at this insightful and highly engaging Masterclass with Ovo as he shares practical tips and advice on:

Why you don’t want to miss this session

Peak performance is not an illusion – it’s a state when you are at your best, delivering results for yourself and your team, and able to overcome obstacles with ease.

The main objective of this session is to show you how you can get into a state of peak performance at work, motivated about what you do, with the right habits and managed levels of energy.

Join Ovo Gharoro as he shares how to get to your peak state and deliver optimum results all the time.

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About our Amazing Speaker

Ovo Gharoro

Head of investment data solutions, m&g plc

Ovo Gharoro is an award-winning Data and Change professional with over 13 years’ experience. He is currently the Programme Lead responsible for delivering M&G PLC’s Investment Data Strategy over the next three years.

He has held a number of senior Data roles over the last ten years in M&G and Prudential. Ovo was named Rising Star in Finance Services in 2018 by the Black British Business Awards.

In 2015, he successfully delivered the first Solvency II project in the world. Ovo started his career as a consultant at Deloitte before moving into the Insurance & Asset Management industry.

He is one of four Black “Heads of” within M&G, and the Co-chair and Founder of the M&G Cultural Awareness Network. He was runner-up in the 2020 M&G Inclusion Champion Award.

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