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  • Staying productive

Future of Work

Equipping yourself for the Future World of Work

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The world of work is changing rapidly, and technological advances are permeating all aspects of the workplace.

COVID-19 made this more apparent, with many organisations forced to work remotely and find ways to measure their staff’s productivity. Universities are preparing students for jobs that do not currently exist, and many workers will have to work with technologies that have not yet been invented in the coming decades of their careers.

To thrive in the future world of work requires a different mindset and a refined skill set.

What you’ll learn in this webinar

  • How to position yourself as a highly desirable talent

  • Insights into the trends that will make you stand out

Vicky Gray
Head of HR, gTech and gCAS EMEA
Vicky Gray is an HR professional with over 20 years’ experience across a range of organisations and industries. She currently works at Google as a People Partner supporting the gTech and GCAS EMEA teams, and has a background in generalist and specialist roles, including as Head of Learning for Barclays Bank before joining Google. Her areas of expertise include compensation, talent management and learning, as well as organisational redesign and process improvement. Vicky is passionate about management development and employee experience, and in her free time likes to travel with her husband.