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Feeling Overworked? Try These…

With internet connectivity has come the pressure to be available round the clock and to stretch work hours beyond the normal schedule.

Companies are actually guilty of encouraging the culture of overwork, as working more has now been confused with working well.

Employees stretch their workdays and work well into midnight, assuming they are building their careers and heading for success with the hard work they are putting in.

In reality, they are toying with their health and social lives.

Even though from time to time, work demands can mean that we are expected to do more in order to achieve more, it’s important to know when you are approaching a level of overwork that is dangerous for your health and overall wellbeing.

Here are some ways to know when you are overworking:

You need more time to complete your tasks:

One of the ripple effects of the pandemic is the fact that a lot of organisations had to do some downsizing, leaving those that are left behind stuck with the extra workload.

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