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How to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

How to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotional intelligence, also known as EI, is the ability to manage your emotions and those of the people around you. People who have developed their emotional intelligence know how to translate what they are feeling, what those emotions mean to them, and how it affects others around them.

An essential element of being a successful leader is being emotionally intelligent. There are five key elements of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills. The more you can manage each of these key areas, the higher your level of emotional intelligence.

Let’s dive deep and explore each of these elements:


Being self-aware means you are always conscious of how you feel and you know how your emotions and actions can affect others. As a leader, being self-aware means you know your strengths and weaknesses and that helps you control how you behave.

You can improve your self-awareness by keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts. You can also improve it by trying to control how you react when you are experiencing strong emotions.

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