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How to Give Yourself a Mid-Year Career Boost

Just in case the first half of the year has gone by in a blur for you, rest assured that you’re not alone. It has been a challenging year on many fronts for all of us. However, to get the best from the rest of the year, you may need to give yourself a mid-year career boost by taking a few steps. Here are various things you can do to kick-start your mid-year career boost:

1. Get healthy in your mind and body: Take some time to restore energy spent over the last few months. This year has been particularly hectic and has taken its toll on both the body and mind. Schedule your annual check-up and make time to go for it. Take walks and get your body moving. Ensure you are eating the right foods and drinking enough water.

2. Conduct an audit on your LinkedIn page: Update your LinkedIn page even if you are not looking for a job. Look for an area on your profile that needs more details, and include projects you recently completed. Update your profile picture to one that is more recent and professional.

3. Re-read your company’s handbook: Take a look at the employee handbook which was given to you when you started work. It might give you ideas on things you could take advantage of to refresh your career and give yourself a boost.

4. Confront a fear: If you’ve been putting in your best work and you think it’s time get a pay raise or a promotion, then you should sum up the courage to ask for it. Try your hand on things that are outside your comfort zone, it might be public speaking, speaking up at meetings, or confronting your boss about an issue bothering you.

5. Take a vacation: Make use of your vacation days! Yes, you might have been working from home since the pandemic started and think that counts as a vacation but it doesn’t. Take some days to be by yourself without all the work calls and emails. Since you can’t travel at the moment, consider it a staycation.

6. Take an online course: If you want to learn something new and are considering going back to school, you might want to consider taking an online course instead. This would help you save some money while learning.

7. Read some industry-specific books: There are people in your industry that are ahead of the game and have written a book or two. Get as many of these books and read them. Use these books to refresh on some of the things you learned while in school. Reading industry-specific books would help you remember tricks you tried in the past that have been long forgotten.

8. Find a mentor: Find a mentor who you admire that can advise you. It could be someone in your company whom you look up to, someone in a dream position at a dream company of yours. If you are looking for a career change, you could find a mentor in that field.

9. Give others some advice: Giving advice, especially to someone in a similar position career-wise, will get your mental wheels rolling and spur creativity. As you’re giving advice, think of how it could apply to your situation and you may just find a unique way to boost your career.