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#HowIWork with Emmanuel Oni, Electrical Design Engineer

My typical day (Pre-Covid 19)
I am a full-time professional engineer and I typically work 9 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays. Pre-COVID 19, my typical workday involved waking up at roughly 5 AM and studying for about an hour and then hitting the gym for another hour for a workout before grabbing breakfast and heading off to work. Being a morning person, work ideally starts at 8 AM for me till about 5:30 PMish. I would then retire home for either an evening workout before dinner, or just rest in the evening with either reading or catching up with a TV series of my choice, some days I manage to go out for a quick run over my lunch break….hahaha.

My typical day now
My typical workday now has not changed much in reality – I still do exactly everything I used to do pre-COVID-19 plus now, I have additional time to add in more activities or tasks in my day. I can now utilise the time that normally goes into commuting to and from the office, to doing other more productive and useful tasks. One way I have done that is to give more time to self-development, by attending some free career coaching sessions online (e.g. the ones organised by Career Masterclass) and learning and fine-tuning my IT and coding skills. There is now also the temptation to spend more time working as a result of working from home, it is sometimes difficult separating work time from home time and sometimes, the lines get blurred.

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