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Making Power Career Moves; Top Leadership Experts Share How They Did It

Making Power Career Moves Leading Career Professionals Share How They Did It

In today’s world of competitive work, everyone is out there thinking of what the next big step or level in their career would be. Very few people accept a position at a company with the intention to stay in that same role forever. There is always going to be the desire for growth either within the organization or pivoting to a higher level in another.

It is however very important to be fully prepared and informed with plenty of facts, data, insights, and lessons from people who have walked in the same shoes. As the saying goes, “experience is always the best teacher”.

To give more insights, we spoke to some professionals about what inspired them, what keeps them going, their biggest Power Moves, and some insight into how they balance running a company.

Tosin Omowole, UK Communications Professional

I think my biggest career move to date was moving into the B2B Comms space in the UK after working in B2C for almost three years in Nigeria. It was like starting my career from scratch but I was willing to take the chance.

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