How to Lead Differently and with Empathy

In this session you will identify and understand your ‘SPIKES’ and standout strengths to lead with empathy.

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Masterclass instructor René Carayol


Masterclass Description

Everything rises and falls on leadership and recent global occurrences have underscored the need for a different breed of future leaders who will lead differently and with empathy.

In this session, renowned leadership expert, Rene Carayol delivers an inspirational presentation which will help you identify and understand your ‘SPIKES’ and standout strengths

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • Removing the ‘fear of failure’ and replacing it with ‘desire for success’

  • Abandoning your ‘imposter syndrome’

  • The Power of Mentoring

  • Why you need leadership, not management, to get to the top


René Carayol
Leading Executive Coach & Leadership Speaker

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