Interviewing Skills

This masterclass will kickstart your interview preparation and equip you with the right skills to get through your interview and land the job.

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Masterclass instructor Tomi Ibirogba


Masterclass Description

Interviewing for a new role often comes with some anxiety. Being the focus of attention, meeting strangers in a position of authority, being questioned about your abilities and judged on your demeanour can rattle even the most naturally confident candidate. With the average length of a job interview being 40 minutes, the thought of being interviewed can fill anyone with dread, yet an interview remains a great way to communicate to recruiters how qualified you are for the role you’re applying for, and why you’re the best fit for it. 

This masterclass will kickstart your interview preparation and equip you with the right skills to get through your interview and land the job.

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • The importance of a job interview

  • How to be a standout candidate during the interview

  • The art of storytelling to answer interview questions

  • The steps to take after the interview to secure your dream job


Tomi Ibirogba
HR Advisor, WeAreTheCity
Tomi is a 2021 WeAreTheCity Rising Star Award Winner for HR & Recruitment. She currently serves as the HR Advisor for Europe at a leading global Maritime company, where she oversees the HR function. Her role involves partnering with HR Centre’s of Excellence and Business Leaders across Europe, Asia and The Americas to provide employee relations, performance management, recruitment, talent development and other first line HR support.

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Tomi introduces herself and shares the objectives of the course. She also explains what a job interview is, why they exist, and the different types of job interviews.
How do you succeed at job interviews? In this module, Tomi tells the audience how to be a standout candidate in the interview process through adequate research and an updated CV.
While no two interviews are the same, some questions come up repeatedly. Here, you’ll learn how to build a story to address some commonly asked interview questions and tips to help you walk out of the interview, knowing you aced it.
From dressing in a comfortable and professional manner to arriving on time with enthusiasm and paying attention to your communication skills, Tomi, in this module shares a number of things to do during the interview to ensure that you make a good impression on your potential employer.
The period after an interview is important to help you stay fresh in the interviewer’s mind. Tomi concludes this course by teaching you the steps to take after the interview and how you can leverage the waiting period to put you on the candidate shortlist and secure your dream job.

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