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In this learning path, you will discover how to take on your leadership role as a new manager, show up as your authentic self and lead your team with high productivity techniques and effective execution.

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Learning Path Description

Stepping into a leadership role is a huge milestone  that needs to be celebrated. However, it also comes with huge responsibilities to positively influence and impact your team.

In this learning path, you will discover how to take on this task as a new manager, show up as your authentic self and lead your team into executing effectively.

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • Essential team management skills managers need and how you can create clarity to enhance your team’s success

  • The different types of management styles and how to identify and develop the style best suited to you and your team.

  • How to develop a high performing team, and how to keep everyone on track.

  • How to develop authentic leadership skills and practice being authentic in supervisory or management roles

Masterclasses in this path

New Manager’s Playbook

In this module, Vicky Gray introduces herself and breaks down the objectives of the masterclass.
Why do we have line managers? Are they the heroes of an organisation? In this module, you’ll understand the importance of line managers, how they shape the experiences of the people they manage and influence their abilities to be successful within the organisation.
Self-awareness is an essential trait of a good manager. By knowing your strengths, weaknesses, personality, core values, habits, emotions, etc, you’ll be better able to serve and lead your team members.
This module is all about clarity. Clarity is essential to managing an effective team; people need to know what’s expected of them and why. In this module, you will learn how to create organisational clarity to enhance your team’s success.
Communication is the heart of everything you do as a manager. Having excellent communication skills can enable productivity and boost your team’s engagement. This module highlights 5 key areas for you in terms of communication.
A management style is a way in which a manager works to fulfil their goals. This module focuses on the different types of management styles and it will help you identify and develop the management style that’s best suited for you and your team.
It’s important to know what to do when things go awry. The inability to manage unpleasant situations can cost you and your organisation in terms of engagement and money. This module will help you improve your team’s engagement, aura and performance when faced with challenging situations.
To conclude this Masterclass, you’ll learn why a supportive environment matters and how to create one for your team.

Management 101: Building High Performing Teams

This module introduces the instructor, Ovo Gharoro, to the audience, where he shares the objectives of the course and why high-performance teams are important to all businesses.
Leading high-performance teams begins with you. Are you equipped enough to lead? In this module, you’ll learn how to equip yourself to be the right person to lead teams by understanding your company’s values and your ability to clearly communicate those values to your team.
High performance is a culture, and the habits you pour into your team daily build the culture of that team. In this module, Ovo shares the habits that are essential in building teams and how to create those habits to create desirable outcomes.
Building a high-performance team requires more than just putting together a group of people who are super talented and skilled. Ovo shares some elements that enable a team to perform better and how to cultivate them in your team.
In a team of high performers, conflict is bound to occur. In this module, you’ll learn some challenges you might find along the way in creating these teams, and the solutions to these challenges.
In this module, Ovo gives some real-life examples of how he built high-performance teams.
In this final module, Ovo goes over the things to note in building a high-performing team and leaves you with the key nuggets you shouldn’t forget from this masterclass.

Authentic Leadership: Attributes of highly effective leaders

In this module, James Holian introduces himself and breaks down the objectives of the masterclass.
What is authentic leadership, and how can it be used in the workplace? In this module, you’ll get to learn what authentic leadership is and why it is important to incorporate an authentic leadership style in today’s workplace.
From maintaining high integrity to demonstrating self-discipline and being empathetic, James, in this module, focuses on the distinct qualities that make a highly effective authentic leader.
Becoming an authentic leader isn’t simply a case of reading and learning some theory, it requires investing time and effort in developing your character. This module explores the different ways professionals can build up their authentic leadership skills.
Through the stories from the personal experience of the instructor and others, you’ll get insights into the leadership styles of people who have positively impacted their organisations and also learn from their mistakes.
To conclude this masterclass, James goes over the things to note when becoming an authentic leader and recaps the main points from the masterclass.

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