Negotiating your Salary Like a Pro

This Masterclass is for you, If you have ever struggled with negotiating for what you truly deserve or desire in the workplace.

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Masterclass instructor Bukola Adisa


Masterclass Description

If you have ever struggled with negotiating for what you truly deserve or desire in the workplace, then this Masterclass is for you. Join Bukola Adisa as she teaches the tips and tricks on negotiating your salary like a pro.

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • Practical tips on negotiating your salary or a pay raise like a pro

  • The good, bad and downright ugly parts of negotiation you should never ignore

  • How your brand can be interwoven during negotiation to get you more money

  • How research plays a vital part in you being able to negotiate for what you’re worth

  • How knowing your market worth and understanding what is happening in the broader market can help your negotiation.


Bukola Adisa
Founder | Career Masterclass
Bukola is an award-winning senior Governance, Risk and Controls expert who has held leadership roles in global organisations such as Barclays, HSBC, RBS, JP Morgan and Deloitte.

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Get to know Bukola Adisa, your instructor for this masterclass. This module tells us a bit about her professional background and what she would be teaching in this masterclass.
The bedrock of every successful negotiation (especially for a new job role) is research, research and more research. Get to know how and why this is very important in the negotiation process in this module.
“You only get what you are brave enough to ask for”. In this module, Bukola explains confidence in the negotiation process and why it is important.
In this module, Bukola explains why taking the first offer is never the best option. She also highlights other benefits that can be negotiated aside from a salary increase.
Understanding how your skills fit into the value chain of every organisation is fundamental. In this module, Bukola shares insights into how you can communicate your worth and value to hiring managers to get the best out of a negotiation.
People pay and favour people they know, like and trust. In this module, you will learn how to use this formula to get on the good books of interviewers.
Knowing your worth would help you negotiate for the salary you deserve properly. In this module, you will learn how to communicate and put a price on your worth. You have worked so hard to build these skills; hence you deserve to be paid accurately for them.
Most times, many people resign and leave their jobs to join another based on verbal offers, which shouldn’t be the case. In this module, Bukola highlights why you need to ensure every decision regarding the new job offer is adequately documented and put on paper before the subsequent decisions are made.
In this next phase, Bukola teaches how to negotiate for a pay rise within a company. She shares insights on areas you can transfer to the appraisal panel to get them to approve the request for a pay raise.
In this module, Bukola shares four tips on how you can move your negotiation skills from rookie to rockstar level.
We often neglect the place of personal branding when talking about negotiation in the workplace. The perception you have created within your office would determine how much people would listen when you are seeking a pay rise. Hear Bukola discuss more personal branding in this module.
Now that you’ve learnt the ropes of how to negotiate like a pro, what next? Find the answer as you watch this module.

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