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Equip yourself with the right knowledge to prepare you for your next mentor or sponsor relationship.

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Learning Path Description

It’s important to invest time into relationship building with possible mentors and sponsors because who you know affects how fast you grow in your career. However, many professionals fail to get the best out of these relationships because they are not sure of how to go about navigating them. Equip yourself with the knowledge to prepare you for your next mentor or sponsor relationship.

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • Carry out a self assessment and career audit and to establish your next best career move.

  • The importance and benefits of building and maintaining valuable mentoring relationships

  • Understand how sponsors can help you achieve your career goals

  • How to identify the right mentor and sponsor

Masterclasses in this path

Self Assessment and Career Audit

In this module, Dupe introduces us to her masterclass by sharing how self-assessment and career audit have helped her build a successful career in human resources.
Dupe defines what self-assessment and career audit are and the connection between both. She also shared insights on when exactly this should be done and why it is necessary. 8
How to perform an effective career audit is one area Dupe would be highlighting in this module. She shares some of the critical questions everyone needs to ask themselves to evaluate what phase of their career they are in now and the necessary steps to take when levelling up.
In this module, Dupe shares the next steps after taking a career audit. She highlights the different areas that every growth-focused individual needs to pay attention to after an audit.
In this module, Dupe shares her personal career story and other practical examples of people who have used self-assessment and career audits to move their careers forward.
Dupe wraps up this module by highlighting some vital, actionable steps that can be taken to get the best out of a self-assessment and career audit.

Mentoring Guidelines

Bukola shares the objectives of the session and how mentoring has helped her build a successful career.
In this module, Bukola explores why mentoring relationships are important and how you can leverage them for career growth.
How do you identify a good mentor? Bukola answers this question and explains how shared values play a major role in ensuring your mentoring relationship stands a good chance of success.
Mentorship is not one of those things you rush into because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). You need to consider why you need a mentor and what you expect from the relationship. In this module, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty of preparing for a mentoring relationship and how it should run.
What makes a good mentoring relationship? Here, you’ll learn how to prepare yourself for a mentoring relationship, how to initiate a connection with a potential mentor, as well as how to nurture and sustain the relationship.
Mentorship matters. In this concluding module, you’ll listen to a recap of the main points and ‘the one thing you shouldn’t forget’ from this mini-masterclass.

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