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The ultimate checklist for your next big career move

This checklist will help

Identify your transferable skills

Develop a 'braglist'

Build a valuable network

Do you know that 39% of people who want to change careers listed salary increase as the main factor? 

A US statistics revealed that time and money are the two biggest barriers to career change. 

Generally, workers who switch jobs experience higher pay growth compared with those who do not. And Job changers moving between firms have higher pay growth than those moving within firms.

This checklist will get you ready to make that next big career move you’ve been dreaming about 

Career Masterclass opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me as a professional in the legal field. Most of the things I now know about career development and being a performer at work are things I learnt, thanks to Career Masterclass.

Before now, I was at a point where I was ready to get into any profession willing to take me. Career Masterclass taught me to be intentional and strategic about my job search and career growth.

With the help of my mentor, I have achieved great strides. I have also had three new job offers in this pandemic; the most recent one is perfect for me.

Chinelo Menkiti

Governance Officer

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