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What’s Your Leadership Style?

Leadership is a practice. We are constantly changing and improving the way we lead and help our direct subordinates and the company grow. The longer we lead, the more likely it is for us to change our leadership style. A leader is no longer seen as an all-powerful individual who has the right to tell people what to do or not do. A leader is now seen as someone who can take his/her team to the next level by showing them how to get there not just telling them.

To know what your leadership style is, you have to first understand the various types of leadership styles there are. Then, you can determine which style will work best for you, given your peculiar circumstances

Type of leadership styles.

  1. Democratic Leadership Style: This is commonly known as the participative leadership style. In this style of leadership, each member of the team is equally involved in the direction of the project with the leader making the final decisions based on his team’s feedback. This style of leadership is highly effective in organisations because it allows the flow of communication between lower-level staff and higher-level staff and allows lower-level staff to exercise the authority they might need later in future positions.

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