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6 Benefits of Career Planning

6 Benefits of Career Planning

If you’re asked where you want to be in the next 5, 10 or 15 years in your career, would you have a ready answer, or would you stutter?

If you have a career plan, the answers won’t be farfetched. But if you don’t, you will definitely stutter and this article is for you. Having a career plan is as important as having a career itself. There’s a need to plan for the future and not just go to work every day with no direction, hence, repeating the same process. 

According to Schermerborn, Hunt, and Osborn, “Career planning is a process of systematically matching career goals and individual capabilities with opportunities for their fulfilment.”

It is more about preparing oneself for the future and having the necessary tools needed to navigate this journey. The main purpose is to provide you with a roadmap for your future that’ll help you make well informed decisions about your career, and also future career moves. A solid career plan will help you stay focused and motivated. 

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If you have the desire to excel and move on to higher heights of your career, you should consider having a career plan. Interested in creating one now? Here are six benefits of having a career plan:

1. Knowledge

The process of career planning helps the individual to be aware of various career opportunities. Life as we see every day has become fast paced and highly competitive, having a career plan will give you clarity when selecting the right profession for you and also help you set your priorities right.

2. Self awareness

Now that you are aware of the choices around you, the knowledge you’ve gained will help you not to struggle through selecting careers. You will be able to select one that matches your skills and competencies and not be caught up muddled in the midst of many career options.

Tom Blackburn, the chief technical officer at 2Checkout.com who started his career wearing a number of hats at a small technology company says, “At a certain point, I started identifying positions that included opportunities in both technology and in management and leadership,” he says. “I started targeting companies where I could grow in more areas than just technology.”

 3. Self development

You’ll need discipline, focus, strong-will, strength, and training to be able to pick a career path and stick to it. These traits in the long run will definitely pay off and will be of immense advantage to you in the future.

You also need to measure your progress as you grow, “Every six months you have to re-evaluate your short-term and long-term professional objectives,” Aretakis says. 

4. Career contentment

Nowadays, it’s hard to find employees who are satisfied with their career path, and this reflects on the output of their work and also on their physical and mental well-being. Being in a career of your choice will boost your morale, help you stay motivated, give your life a meaning, and keep you committed to your workplace.

5. Visibility

In a chosen workplace where you derive job satisfaction, you’ll find it easier to work and leave your colleagues and bosses with good impressions of you. This will raise your visibility at work and ensures the senior management is aware of your capacity. It is necessary to set yourself up for growth and promotion.

According to mindtools “If key people aren’t aware of you, you’ll likely miss out on opportunities to improve your skills and take on interesting assignments, despite your hard work and good performance.”

6. Retirement plan

Working in your dream job shouldn’t be the ultimate goal of your career plan. It isn’t just about work; it is also about your future, except if you plan to work for the rest of your life which is not possible.

A career plan backed with investments allocations and savings will make your retirement life easy. You’ll be able to look back with smiles and enjoy the rewards of your labour. 

The journey of a dream career isn’t a smooth one. You’ll encounter obstacles or hitches here and there, but with a career plan, you can be assured of a smooth passage that’ll land you your dream job and bring you the fulfilment and career happiness you long for. You can never go wrong by having a career plan that helps you know who you are, what you want and how to get there. 


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