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Career Masterclass is the leading career growth platform for black, asian and ethnically diverse professionals with over 11,000 community members worldwide. Our mission is simple: to help hard workers like you land higher on the ladder — regardless of background, circumstances or identity.

Whether you’re searching for your first graduate role, considering a career pivot or got your sights set on C-Suite, Career Masterclass is here to unlock your full potential and open the doors to new opportunities. 

There’s a masterclass for every career moment

8 modules
Recruiter Secrets Revealed
  • Exploring career paths
  • Finding a job
9 modules
Getting Ready for Appraisals
  • Getting promoted
  • Managing your career
8 modules
Career Audit & Self Assessment
  • Making decisions
  • Managing your career
14 modules
Negotiating your Salary Like a Pro
  • Being commercially aware
  • Money

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Effective advice is hard to find. We work exclusively with experts, executives and thought leaders who have paved their way to the top of their industries. That way, you always learn from the best in business.



When it comes to fast-tracking your growth, action wins over aspiration. That’s why we share lived experiences, candid conversations, and practical guidance — so you can start seeing real results.

Tailored to you

There’s more than one way to the top. As a Career Masterclass member, you get a personalised learning plan that maps out the right learning path for you. Whatever your goals are, we’ve got you covered.

From the Career Masterclass community

  • I joined Career Masterclass when I was feeling stagnant in my career and since then I have implemented one thing from each Masterclass. As a result, my friends and colleagues see a difference in my approach and attitude. Career Masterclass has taught me to take the reins of my career and break down old thought patterns like “your hard work will be noticed”.

    Nimisha Bhakta

    Senior Compliance Manager, HSBC
  • Career Masterclass has been truly inspirational. I have found the regular “refresh“ from the Masterclasses very useful towards the advancement of my career objectives. One of the biggest benefits has been expanding both my professional and personal network. I highly recommend Career Masterclass.

    Uche Iwuchukwu

    Executive Director, EMEA Head of Compliance Testing at Morgan Stanley
  • I came across Career Masterclass at a stagnant point in my career. They helped me increase my earning power and hiring appeal by teaching me how to build the right relationships, the importance of sponsors & mentors and how to nurture those relationships. Career Masterclass has been one of the best investments I have made in my career development.

    Yoyin Ogundoyin

    Group Company Secretary, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
  • I attended a Masterclass in my early days in London and was able to negotiate a higher position in two months. Two years later I am still learning and growing with Career Masterclass. My career would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the lessons I learnt with Career Masterclass. It was like unlocking a shortcut to knowledge most professionals learn the hard way.

    Lucinda Thurmer

    Content and Digital Communications Executive, Forum for the Future

    Let’s kickstart your career growth

    Plan and Position

    • PLAN your path to success
      Get clear on your career goals, and make a step-by-step plan for how to reach them on your terms.
    • POSITION yourself for growth
      Take stock of your strengths, and position yourself strategically for the opportunities you desire.


    Present and Progress

    • PRESENT your personal brand
      Leverage the power of connections by making your voice heard with newfound confidence.
    • PROGRESS all the way to the top
      Expertly navigate your career trajectory, with practical guidance always at your fingertips.


    Learn from the Best

    The best career advice comes from lived experience. That’s why we work exclusively with world-class leaders who don’t just talk the talk — but have walked the walk right to the top of their fields, and have the track record to prove it. Now, they’re paying it forward, so that you can do the same.

    Get started today to discover tried-and-true growth formulas, avoid costly mistakes, and supercharge your career success.

    Get matched to a mentor

    Most career decisions happen behind closed doors. 

    It’s no secret: who you know affects how fast you grow

    We believe mentorship and sponsorship opportunities are essential to career growth, and should be available to professionals of all backgrounds instead of a well-connected few. And we’ve decided to do something about it. 

    Join Career Masterclass and get matched to a mentor who has been where you are, and gets where you’re going. Reach out for guidance, learn valuable lessons, and gain another professional in your corner who champions your success.

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