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Five Steps to Finding a Career Sponsor

While mentors advise, sponsors act.

Imagine this scenario. You have mapped out a career plan, you have an enviable tribe of mentors who give you amazing advice, you have even acquired new skills and taken some online courses to boost your capabilities. This should automatically result in career success, right? Well wrong, because you are still missing one critically important element.

Mentors are important in your career journey; a good mentor will give you the necessary coaching to scale through career challenges.  A sponsor relationship is different, a good sponsor will take you to the next level of your career, opening doors and connecting you to opportunities that will facilitate your career growth.

A career sponsor is a senior colleague at your workplace or industry who is well respected and influential. He/she will speak positively of your work, make you noticeable at work, defend your reputation and ensure the progress of your career.

Here are 5 (five) steps to helping you find a career sponsor:

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