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Why Small Talk is Good for Your Career

Small talk has a reputation of being superficial but if you can master the art of making it meaningful and genuine, it could be the starting point of new relationships and the deepening of old ones, especially in a professional setting.

Effective and successful people often begin their most productive conversations with small talk.

It’s an easy way to fill 25 seconds of silence which could lead to a new business partnership or a new friendship.

Striking up small talk before a meeting could help you build your confidence, learn something new, set the mood for a discussion or create a bridge to more meaningful conversation.

Small talk helps you display your intelligence, wealth of experience, cultural intelligence and could you help you find areas of common interest with business acquaintances or even colleagues.

This important life skill will also help you put people at ease while you transition from there to more serious business, encourages people to be more receptive of your ideas, and reveals professional opportunities outside of business settings.

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