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We help future-forward companies to develop a learning culture, instill a growth mindset, and create new pathways of progress for all.

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Leading organisations trust Career Masterclass

A diverse workforce performs best

Whether you’re here to evaluate your internal policies, build better access pathways for employees of colour, or support the advancement of diverse talent into executive, management, technical, and board roles — you can do it all by partnering with Career Masterclass.

Ethnically & racially diverse businesses prove more profitable

Countless studies have shown that employees from black and ethnically diverse backgrounds are disproportionately limited when it comes to progression, sponsorship, and mentorship opportunities. There has never been a better time to invest in your workforce, support their career growth needs, and create equal career opportunities for all

Self-Paced Learning Platform

With Career Masterclass for Business, your team gets unlimited access to our library of expert-led Masterclasses, articles and interactive resources — designed to help navigate every defining career moment.

Transformational Programs

Our Accelerator programs are tailor-made to fit your organisation’s needs, allowing you to deliver targeted training to talented cohorts – and support them as they step up to C-suite, executive and board level roles.

Bespoke Partnerships

Partnering with some of the world’s most successful companies, we strive to level the playing field for underserved and underrepresented talent. From executive coaching to sponsorship of our global STRETCH conference, let’s find the right partnership opportunity for you.