Who we are

We are the leading Career Development platform for black and ethnically diverse professionals.

Our mission

Career Masterclass is the leading Career Development Platform for ambitious and aspirational professionals who are ready to gain clarity and confidence on their unique career paths and learn the practical skills necessary to take charge of their progress.

If you’ve ever wondered – what’s the secret to professional success? Then you’re in the right place. Career Masterclass takes the mystery out of getting ahead, so that you can start building the career of your dreams, and achieve extraordinary outcomes on your own terms.

We create a learning culture and embody a growth mindset

At Career Masterclass, we believe that knowledge opens doors, options, and opportunities. We know what it feels like to be overqualified, yet overlooked — which is why we don’t advocate for career advice that’s all aspiration, and zero action.

We equip thousands of driven and determined professionals like you with the actionable tools and techniques, practical skills, and steadfast support system they need to make lasting change happen and excel at every level — not just at work, but in their lives, too.

No more staying stuck or settling for less than you deserve — because we’re here to watch you succeed.

What we do

We work with individuals and organisations to provide access to cutting edge resources, practical guides, access to experts and insightful masterclasses all with the aim of enabling the career growth of talented professionals.

Take ownership of your career growth

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