Our online community for YOU

The Community STRETCH Plus by Career Masterclass and powered by Slack provides a unique environment to connect, network, learn, bond, and collaborate for our community of like-minded professionals.

STRETCH Plus has been created for the everyday professional seeking a hub or community where they can grow, help each other and find endless opportunities, such as access to a broad and rich network, resources, and first-hand insights to Career Masterclass events.

Don’t miss your chance to make amazing connections, find unique support, and get access to free resources and exclusive insights!

The STRETCH conference by Career Masterclass is the leading career development conference for Black and Ethnically diverse professionals. Since inception, we have recorded over 5000+ attendees globally across various industries and locations, including the US, Canada, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Over the years, we saw a need to build a much more communal network where these attendees/ professionals can build connections beyond the STRETCH conference, hence STRETCH Plus

The vision of STRETCH Plus is to become one of the largest career communities in the world for professionals by building a strong, value-adding community where people can learn, bond and get access to opportunities.