Authentic Leadership

The lessons you will learn from this masterclass will also kick-start your journey to becoming your authentic self and help you to lead in ways that are most meaningful for you and those you lead.

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Masterclass instructor James Holian


Masterclass Description

Authentic leadership is a style of leadership in which leaders are genuine, self-aware, and transparent. Authentic leadership assumes leaders should act honestly and transparently and in ways that are true to themselves. 

Authentic leaders are self-actualised individuals who are aware of their strengths, their limitations, and emotions.

If you’ve ever wanted to take on leadership roles, and are confused about how to start, this masterclass delivered by James Holian, will equip you with the tools and resources you need and answer your questions on how to develop an authentic leadership style.

The lessons you will learn from this masterclass will also kick-start your journey to becoming your authentic self and help you to lead in ways that are most meaningful for you and those you lead.

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • What authentic leadership is

  • The qualities of authentic and highly effective leaders

  • How to develop authentic leadership skills

  • How to practice being authentic in supervisory or management roles


James Holian
Director, Financial Crime & Controls – Natwest
James is a Director of NatWest Group and leads the teams responsible for Financial Crime and Controls across the group’s customer facing business areas, including NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Coutts. In addition, James leads a number of the largest strategic change and regulatory programmes across the Group. James joined NatWest in 2008 to lead the strategic repositioning of the Global Banking & Markets business in response to the financial crisis. Since that time, he has held a number of senior management and corporate customer-facing roles. Most recently, James was Chief Operating Officer (COO) of NatWest’s Commercial & Private Banking business, where he was responsible for Product Management, Controls, Capital Management, Reputational Risk, Digital Channels and Innovation. James previously worked at McKinsey and Company across the UK, USA and Asia, and spent time at Standard Chartered Bank based in Singapore. He attained his MBA from Harvard Business School and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London. James is the executive sponsor of NatWest Group’s Sikh Network, and is a Trustee of Y Care International, the YMCA’s aid and development charity. He is married to Nina and has two children, Alec and Estella.

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In this module, James Holian introduces himself and breaks down the objectives of the masterclass.
What is authentic leadership, and how can it be used in the workplace? In this module, you’ll get to learn what authentic leadership is and why it is important to incorporate an authentic leadership style in today’s workplace.
From maintaining high integrity to demonstrating self-discipline and being empathetic, James, in this module, focuses on the distinct qualities that make a highly effective authentic leader.
Becoming an authentic leader isn’t simply a case of reading and learning some theory, it requires investing time and effort in developing your character. This module explores the different ways professionals can build up their authentic leadership skills.
Through the stories from the personal experience of the instructor and others, you’ll get insights into the leadership styles of people who have positively impacted their organisations and also learn from their mistakes.
To conclude this masterclass, James goes over the things to note when becoming an authentic leader and recaps the main points from the masterclass.

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