The Professional’s Black Book

This Masterclass will show you the critical relationships every professional needs and how to build them if you don’t have them.

9 Modules
Masterclass instructor Bukola Adisa


Masterclass Description

Every professional needs a relationship for support, guidance, and help in moments of crisis. 

Having a network of quality relationships is so important. Back in the day, professionals would even meet at pubs to trade key contacts from their black books. The exchange is now modernized, but the concept of gaining and sustaining key relationships remains.

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass

  • What the professional’s black book is

  • The five types of workplace relationships you need

  • How to get, nurture and sustain these relationships for career success


Bukola Adisa
Founder | Career Masterclass
Bukola is an award-winning senior Governance, Risk and Controls expert who has held leadership roles in global organisations such as Barclays, HSBC, RBS, JP Morgan and Deloitte.

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In this module, Bukola Adisa explains the importance of building valuable professional relationships
At critical junctures in your career, you will need support in different ways. Bukola shares what these points could be and what you need to do to scale through successfully.
In this module, Bukola explains more about a professional black book and the five different types of contacts. In her words, “it’s not about the quantity of the contacts you have, but the quality and how you nurture them”.
The role of a mentor in the professional world has been downplayed and underrated, yet, this is one person everyone needs in their black book to succeed. How and why you need a mentor is what Bukola would be discussing in this module.
In this module, Bukola would be exploring a significant workplace relationship called the Fixer. Ever heard of this term? Watch to find out.
Bukola explains the importance and place of a workplace BFF in this module. A recent study shows that people who have a workplace best friend are seven times as likely to be more engaged in their job and have good customer outcomes
This is the most critical workplace contact you can ever have in your professionals’ black book. Find out why this is a “must-have” contact in this module with Bukola.
In this module, Bukola explains the importance of having a recruiter as a valuable contact in your professional black book. She also shares insights on how you can nurture a successful relationship with one.
What better way to wrap up this module than Bukola sharing a few more tips on how you can find and nurture the contacts in your professional black book

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