Work Place Etiquette: Professional Do’s and Don’ts

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Masterclass instructor Joy Adeyemi


What you’ll learn

  • The basics of professional etiquette

  • dos and don’ts of office behaviors

  • How to consistently maintain a professional demeanour

  • How to handle office gossip and watercooler moments

  • The value of networking and socialising with colleagues

Masterclass Description

Have you ever wished there was a manual on how to act in professional settings? We have all experienced cringe worthy moments at work where we debated eating that last doughnut or shared that really ‘funny’ joke no one else understood.

People who don’t follow the business etiquette frequently make a poor impression, thereby severely decreasing their chances for success. The smallest mistakes can be harmful and damage your career.

Therefore, it is critical that you understand the basics of professional and office etiquette so as to know how to behave in a professional setting.


Joy Adeyemi
Joy currently works with Johnson Matthey, a FTSE100 company as lead UK HR Manager with one of its business sectors. She provides HR leadership to a team of HR Business Partners and HR Advisors enabling the business to achieve its goal through strategic and value-driven HR initiatives. Joy is a multi-skilled HR professional having worked in both generalist and specialist HR roles. Previous roles held include Head of HR and Organisational Development, with a healthcare Company and Global HR Projects and Strategy Manager with a Renewable Energy Company. Joy is passionate about people development, especially HR professionals, and she regularly writes on LinkedIn about tips and tools that help people thrive at work.

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